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  • ceiling design ideas,  home interior design

    Ceiling styles: Elevate your Home with these stunning ceiling design ideas

    When it comes  to types of ceilings for  your home, there are several ceiling design ideas to consider. Some popular choices include Popcorn ceiling, Cathedral ceilings, Drop ceilings, and Valuated ceilings. Each type has its own unique look and can add a touch of elegance or character to your space. From the classic charm of popcorn ceiling to the grandeur of valuated ceilings, and the versatility of drop ceilings, there’s a design options for every taste. Explore the elegance of cove ceiling, the  vintage appeal of tin ceilings, and the airy brightness of glass ceilings. Get ready to elevate your home with these stunning ceiling design ideas that will surely…

  • Balcony decor ideas,  Balcony interior design,  home interior design

    Breathtaking balcony decoration ideas 

    That time had gone when people left their balconies either empty or kept their old stuff in their balconies. Now-a-days people don’t waste their balconies space, in fact they use that space for spending their quality time whether it’s sitting in the morning in sunlight ,in the evening with a cup of coffee or at night watching the beautiful moon. People spend that time on the balcony by giving their balconies a stunning makeover. You also can give your balcony a stunning look with room resolution. check out our amazing balcony decor ideas to make your balcony a beautiful spot for spending your quality time. 1.Cozy vibes Try this makeover for your…

  • home interior design,  Living room,  Living room design

    07+ Elegant living room interior designs

    Room Resolution brings you some wide range of vibrant living room interior designs that can make your living room look phenomenal. As the living room is the primary entrance of the house ,it becomes the center of attraction for every person entering in the house so its appearance has to be classic and elegant , isn’t it? Look into these astonishing living room interior designs to make your living room remarkable for everyone.    Classic combination of Burgundy and white Try out this classic combination of burgundy and white to make your living room area look splendid. All white  Here is our all white theme living area designed to make it…

  • BedRoom Decor,  home interior design

    Top 10 Bedroom Interior Designs

    A bedroom is one of the most important room in a home. A room is a personal space of an individual member of the house where they can rest, relax, and do their own personal activities. Any person Bedroom shows the personality and taste of the individual. So Don’t you think that your bedroom interior design has to be unique according to your personality and taste? Let’s take a look at some of the top bedroom interior designs that represent your personality and taste. 1. A Cadet bluish and white Bedroom  Here is a Cadet blue and white Bedroom with fancy furniture for people who has a lavish taste. 2.…