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07+ Elegant living room interior designs

Room Resolution brings you some wide range of vibrant living room interior designs that can make your living room look phenomenal. As the living room is the primary entrance of the house ,it becomes the center of attraction for every person entering in the house so its appearance has to be classic and elegant , isn’t it?

Look into these astonishing living room interior designs to make your living room remarkable for everyone.   

Classic combination of Burgundy and white

Try out this classic combination of burgundy and white to make your living room area look splendid.

All white 

Here is our all white theme living area designed to make it elegant.

A vintage look 

Fan of vintage looks ? Here is our vintage living room design with navy walls for vintage lovers.

Cozy vibes

Aesthetic and cozy themes are in trends, aren’t they? Give your living room this trendy cozy and aesthetic makeover.

Modern look

Go with this modern style design to make your living room lavish.

Retro style

Check out our retro style living room interior design.


A multicolored theme to make your living room lively.